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In the Czech Republic there are four places with the name Cernava. The first one is found in the district of Jesenik, in the northern Moravian mountains called JESENIKY, it is a hill named CERNAVA N5010'972" E1705'040", it could be translated into English as ... A BLACK OR DARK HILL. The place is located close to the border of Poland and near the town of Jesenik N5018'05" E1717'53" (Map Cze 019 Jes Jeseniky #19). The second one is in the district of Karlovy Vary which is in the Northwest part of the country and very close to the German border and is another hill named CERNAVA. The third and the fourth one are also hills in the western part. One of these places may be the origin of the surname belonging to a very small family group that immigrated to the United States in the early 1900's. If you belong to this family we would like to gather as much information about you as you would feel comfortable sharing with us. Our own genealogy is a very interesting subject, so please participate in this effort as this web site is dedicated to you or TO ALL THINGS CERNAVA.

Map of Okres Jesenik.
Map of Cernava Hill.
Map of Karlovy Vary District.
Map of Domanzlice.
Map of Jesenik.
Map of Karlovy Vary.
Map of Klatovy.

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